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Community Companions (formerly Carers Sitting Service) is coordinated by Emma Begley and Kaysha Marlow and managed by Adam Wilson and runs from 9am-9pm seven days a week depending on volunteer availability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Community Companions service?

A: The Community Companions Service is free to access and provides a short break of between 2-3 hours to those with a caring responsibility. Support is delivered by volunteers and therefore, we are unable to provide any personal care, but they do offer a befriending role enabling the carer to get a break

Q: When is Community Companions available?

A:  The adult service is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. The children's service times may vary, running up to 8pm on weekdays. Please note, that the children's service isn't open to external referrals. A visit from either the adult or children' service is likely to be on a fortnightly basis.

Q: What are the service requirements?

A: You need to be registered with Northamptonshire Carers and the person the carer is supporting needs to be able to use the toilet independently and not need help with personal care or medication.

Q: What if the person the carer is supporting does need personal care?

A: Consider a referral to the daytime regulated care service.


Q: How soon can a carer use the service?

A: There is a waiting list in almost every area and sometimes this is quite long.

If a carer requires immediate help, please consider contacting Age UK sitting service on 01604 611200, however, this is a paid for service so may not be possible for everyone.

Q: Can a one-off visit be booked?

A:  No, due to volunteer availability we can’t do one off sessions.  A carer would need to be referred to Tu Vida emergency breaks service which is free to access.

Q:   Can Community Companions cover short-notice or emergency visits

A:    No, the service provides planned, regular visits and is unable to

provide short-notice, next day, hospital appointment or emergency cover.

Other services offered by Northamptonshire Carers

Telephone Befriending Project

A service for carers registered with Northamptonshire Carers. This service is for carers who are isolated and have little support from elsewhere. Please call Northamptonshire Carers Support Line on 01933 677907 to discuss.

Overnight Care Service

Overnight care 8pm-8am (maximum 3 nights). Provided after a hospital discharge or to prevent hospital admission. Call 01933 677907, Option 4.

Other services for carers

Tu Vida emergency breaks

This is a free service available to carers, it can be accessed for up to 72 hours, 3 times a year. Contact details Tel: 07920 141015 (office hours); 01908 260444 (out of hours) or email [email protected]. Alternatively, call Northamptonshire Carers Support Line on 01933 677907, Option 2 to be referred to the service.

Age UK Carers Sitting Service

This is a paid for service run by Age UK and is available 9am – 9:30pm seven days a week. Please call 01604 611200.

If you do not live with the person you care for

Serve Befriending Service

(North Northamptonshire) – Volunteer befrienders make a weekly visit to people Over 65 who are vulnerable and isolated. Call 01933 315555.

Happy At Home

(West Northamptonshire) – Volunteer befrienders make visits to help reduce isolation and loneliness in older people.

Age UK Northamptonshire Day Care At Home

A paid for service for older people in Northamptonshire. Available Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm. A regular visit to provide company and support. Call 01604 604500 or email [email protected]

Meet the Team

Adam Wilson

Project Manager

Emma Begley

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Kaysha Marlow

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Contact Us

Email [email protected] or call 01933 677907 and ask to speak to Adam, Emma or Kaysha.

Here’s what carers have said about Community Companions…

 “Made a big difference to my life. I am able to get out and see my friend”

“Before any support I was very low due to lack of sleep, but I feel so much better now”

“The service benefits us both and gives meaning to my life again” “

“Had to rely on neighbours before which is a bit difficult. Having regular times is so much better”

“At first our hope was simply to give mum a break and enable her to go out safe in the knowledge that dad was not left alone. This aim was wholeheartedly met but what none of us had ever dreamt was that it would give so much more than this”

“Mum really enjoys the company and gives her spirits a lift”

“Time to be me”

“Much needed and appreciated”

“Without the service paid care workers would be used more, the service allows me to be less reliant on them”

logos of funders of this service: local authorities, Mental Health Northamptonshire Collaborative and Northamptonshire Community Foundation

The service is free to use