Looking to connect with your community?

Want to have a positive connection?        

Looking for a sense of purpose?

Who are Community Companions?

Community Companions have been successfully linking families who need support with local volunteers since 2012, so we know that these connections have had positive life changing effect on everyone involved.

Being a full-time, unpaid carer is rewarding but also leaves little ‘me time’. Our Community Companions are individually matched to a family and provide up to 3 hours a week companionship in the home.  This allows a carer precious time to themselves, with peace of mind knowing someone they know and trust is on hand.



What some of our families have to say about our service

"The service benefits us both and gives meaning to my life again”

“Time to be me”

“Made a big difference to my life, I am able to get out and see my friend”

“Mum really enjoys the company and gives her spirits a lift”

“Gives me peace of mind and allows me to go out”  


When would I volunteer?

Both the adult and parent carer services run between 9am and 9pm Monday to Sunday so we’d welcome you getting in touch if you can help us at any point during these hours and days.

Why volunteer for Community Companions?

Becoming a Community Companion is fulfilling, restores a sense of purpose and builds positive bonds within your community.  If you are looking for a change in life, becoming a volunteer will provide you with new experiences, training, and provide a reference.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“I feel that I am making a difference to someone's day, and as this has always been my aim, I am happy to know that I am achieving this, albeit in a small way”

“Volunteering makes everyone a winner; the carer, the person being cared for, and the volunteer, all gain something.  A unique relationship is formed, and as a volunteer, I do have a feeling of a worthwhile job well done”

How can I become a Community Companion?

Please contact our Volunteer Manager, Emma Tanner on 01933 677907 or email [email protected]

Please fill in the online webform below to register

Volunteer Community Companion Adult Application Form Volunteer Community Companion Parent Application Form

What happens next?

Following an interview we will provide you with training and once you feel happy we will arrange an introductory visit to meet a family who we hope will be a suitable match for you. If this goes well and both you and the family are happy to go ahead, we will arrange a time for a first visit. After this we will give you and the family a call to see how the visit has gone and whether you would like to continue visits.


Meet the Team

Adam Wilson

Project Manager

Kaysha Marlow

Community Companions Co-ordinator

We are pleased to be working with the General Practice Alliance (GPA) as a volunteer partner.

You can also apply to become a volunteer with us through the Volunteer Passport website (link).

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