Who Funds Us?

Northamptonshire Carers is a registered charity who is able to deliver services thanks to donations, grants and contracts with partners. Examples include the National Lottery Community Fund, Northamptonshire Integrated Care Board, North Northamptonshire Council, West Northamptonshire Council and Northamptonshire Children's Trust.


Services Supported

Caring Together Project: Carers Support Groups, Carers Café, Carers Choir, Carers Champions, Befriending Service

Carers Support Line, Carers Support Workers, Dementia Care Advice Service, Aging Well Teams, Breathing Space, Pumped Up, Diabetes groups

Long Covid Support

Carers Assessments, Carers Support Line, Carers Support Groups, Community Companions, Carers Emergency Respite Service, needs & aspirations, Household Support Fund

Carers Assessments, Carers Support Line, Carers Support Groups, Community Companions, Carers Emergency Respite Service, needs & aspirations

Young Carers support, assessments and group activities

Community Companions, #iWill Young Carers project

Adult and Young Carers group activities

Young Carers group activities


Donations and fundraising, large and small allows us to build on these projects, develop new services, and support more Carers and Young Carers. Donations are always very much welcomed and are vital. Please click here to make a donation or contact us to discuss further.

Northamptonshire Carer’s Fundraising Promise: We appreciate that many Carers sacrifice their own careers and income to provide care. We will NEVER pressurise any Carer to donate to us, regardless of income. If you cannot afford to donate to us, pleas

Organisational Information

We have created this page to make information about the organisation’s achievements and outcomes more accessible to everyone. 

Link to charity commission overview of Northamptonshire Carers Charity

Charity Commission - Overview

Whole Organisation Impact Report for 2023 

Outcomes and monitoring impact report 2023 

Memory Hub Reports 

Memory Hub executive summary 2023

Memory Hub final report 2023

Past Annual General Meeting Minutes (AGM)

AGM minutes 2021

AGM minutes 2022

Northamptonshire Carers Salary Bandings

Role  Salary   Hourly Rate 
Band Description  From   To   From   To 
1 Senior Leadership Team  £               37,643.99   Trustee decision   £                          19.57   Trustee Decision 
2 Service Manager  £               32,068.44  £               37,643.99  £                          16.67  £                          19.57
3 Project Manager  £               29,213.91  £               31,148.33  £                          15.18  £                          16.19
4 Senior Worker  £               26,308.67  £               28,476.99  £                          13.67  £                          14.80
5 Case/Development Worker  £               23,360.99  £               25,792.20  £                          12.14  £                          13.41
6 Support Officer  £               21,159.54  £               22,903.52  £                          11.00  £                          11.90
7 Sessional rate National Living  Wage   £                          10.90

N.B. As a National Living Wage Employer salaries will rise accordingly to a minimum of £12 per hour from 1st April 2024.

Outcomes and Monitoring Report

Click here to view the outcomes and monitoring report 2022-2023