Mission Statement

Northamptonshire Carers aim to offer a comprehensive support service to Carers within our contracted geographical areas and in collaboration or close partnership with organisations that complement the service we deliver. We recognise the vital contribution Carers make to society and we will work to empower Carers in improving their health, wellbeing and quality of life, alongside raising awareness with all stakeholders with the aim to create Carer Friendly Communities. We recognise the diversity of our communities and are committed to supporting all Carers. The organisation is Carer-led and our developments will be a response to Carers future needs.

According to the last census, there are 70,000 Carers in Northamptonshire: for us, that means there are 70,000 reasons to care.

With 1-in-10 of us being a Carer at any one time, we need the support of the whole community to continue to provide the support we do and meet ever-growing demand.

Why give to us?

  • We are the main support for Carers in Northamptonshire
  • We listen to Carers, are Carer-led and have a strong track record from 1992
  • We work in partnership with Carers and other organisations supporting Carers
  • 92% of Carers said our Support line was very helpful or helpful; and 70% felt their quality of life was better after contact with us