A Former Carer is someone who through bereavement has lost the person they cared for. It is possible for someone to be both a Former Carer & an active Carer for someone else and we will support Carers who identify themselves as such.

We aim to enable Former Carers to readjust to life after loss and to move forward feeling supported.

We recognises the importance of providing support for Former Carers both in the initial period following the loss of their role as a carer and also in the longer term whilst they grieve and adjust to their new circumstances.

Our work with former carers is guided by the views of those we support. We will offer individual telephone support, signposting to appropriate services, and group support and information sessions aimed at reducing social isolation and encouraging and developing peer support.

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Recently Bereaved

Former Carers Group Horizons 2022

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Seven Stages of Grief

  • Shock and denial. This is a state of disbelief and numbed feelings.
  • Pain and guilt.
  • Anger and bargaining.
  • Depression.
  • The upward turn. 
  • Reconstruction and working through.
  • Acceptance and hope.

Benefit Information

Financial Matters

Caring for someone nearing the end of their life can have a big impact on both your finances and those of the person you care for. The following links will hopefully give you further information about the financial help you can claim as a Carer.

Gov.uk advice on steps required when someone dies.

What to do when someone dies - Gov.uk

Gov.uk site to help after registering death.

What to do after someone dies - Gov.uk

For Tax queries please use the link below.

Tax Link

Community Law Service

Turn to Us 


Suicide Grief: Coping with a Loved One’s Suicide

an example of dads coping with loss from suicide.

3 dads walking

The BBC presenter made a moving tribute to his friend and former colleague for the 10th anniversary of Speed’s sad death.

Link to Twitter Post

Children and Younger People

Supporting bereaved children and young people

Sue Ryder - Support for young people

Advanced Care Plan – planning for yours and your loved ones future care

Advanced Care Plan PDF

National Support


Sue Ryder National

NHS Guide - Grief After Bereavement or Loss

Carers Trust

Carers UK

Culturally relevant bereavement services support

baatn.org.uk - Bereavement and covid-19

Marie Curie

Ubele.org - Covid Fund

Support for Families Grieving for a child

Grieving for a child

I Heard Your Voice In The Wind Today

I Heard Your Voice In The Wind Today - Unknown


I heard your voice in the wind today 

and I turned to see your face;

the warmth of the wind caressed me

as I stood silently in place.


I felt your touch in the sun today 

as its warmth filled the sky;

I closed my eyes for you embrace

and my spirit soared high.


I saw your eyes in the windows pane

as I watched the falling rain;

it seemed as each raindrop fell

it quietly said your name.


I held you close in my heart today

it made me feel complete;

you may have died...but you are not gone

you will always be a part of me.


as long as the sun shines...

the wind blows...

the rain falls...

you will live on inside of me forever

for that is all my heart knows.