At Northamptonshire Carers we have a specialised and experienced Parent Carer Team who will provide support to you on an individual basis taking into account the impact of the young person’s special educational need or disability. We will do this by carrying out a Carers Assessment.

You may have heard the term ‘Carers Assessment’ in the media or been advised to have one by a doctor, or social worker etc but you may be unsure what one actually entails? Firstly it is not a way of judging you as a parent: it is an opportunity for you to express your feelings and needs as a Carer. The purpose is to find out what impact your caring responsibilities have on you and what support you might need to continue your caring role should you wish to do so. It is not about imposing things on you but it will hopefully present you with options that can help you in your caring role.

There are many ways to have a Carers Assessment. We aim to offer you an individualised assessment so offer a wide-range of methods to suit your individual needs:

  • Online-self assessment which may be a good option if you are busy during office hours or are looking primarily for advice and information.
  • Our experienced team are currently offering telephone assessments which can provide prompt access to advice, information and sign-posting or can be much more detailed, dependent on your circumstances.
  • Our experienced team can offer a home assessment in exceptional circumstances.
  • An easy read Carers Assessment. Please contact our Support Line if you need assistance with this or any aspect of your Carers Assessment.

Once your Carers Assessment is completed you will be sent a copy to check with a comprehensive support plan. If you are happy with it, please sign and return it. We of course will post it to you with a stamped addressed envelope, but in order to reduce cost we do prefer to use email.

You will be supported by our adult team when the young person becomes 18 or when they have transitioned to adult services.

A reminder is given that Parent Carers are welcome to attend most of the groups and activities that we organise, however, any specific groups for Parent Carers will be listed along side other groups and activities such as Support Groups, Informal Drop Ins, Wellbeing Workshops on our Group Support Page