You may have heard the term ‘Carers Assessment’ in the media or been advised to have one by a doctor, or social worker etc but you may be unsure what one actually entails? Firstly it is not a way of judging you as a spouse, parent or child: it is an opportunity for you to express your feelings and needs as a Carer. The purpose is to find out what impact your caring responsibilities have on you and what support you might need to continue your caring role should you wish to do so. It is not about imposing things on you but it will hopefully present you with options that can help you in your caring role.

Complete a secure online self referral

Please note that this form only applies to Carers who are 18 and over. If you a Young Carer wanting support or are referring a Young Carer the below link is best or,  please go to our dedicated page. 

Refer a child in your family (aged 5-17years) for Young  Carers Support

A YouTube guide is available if you need help completing the form. 

Please contact our Carers Support Line if you would prefer not to complete an online self assessment.


Although we are funded by Northamptonshire County Council to provide Carers Assessments we realise that an assessment is nothing without the services that can make the subsequent support plan worthwhile. To do this we rely on different types of help from individuals and organisations.