A Parent Carer is someone over 18 who provides care to a disabled child for whom they have parental responsibility. A non-parent carer of a disabled child is someone over 18 who provides care to a disabled child for whom they do not have parental responsibility (such as a grandparent).

Carers Trust, 2019

In the UK today there are approximately 6.5 million carers and 8% of this figure are parent carers, equating to approximately 520,000 adults that are caring for a disabled child (Carers UK, 2019)

Northamptonshire Carers

Northamptonshire Carers aim to offer a comprehensive support service to Carers within our contracted geographical areas and in collaboration or close partnership with organisations that complement the service we deliver, services we offer can be found within our Website

Wellbeing Workshops for Parent Carers

A series of five sessions that aim to build on each person’s strengths, improve emotional and mental wellbeing and increase effectiveness in advocating for our children, families and ourselves.

For more information please email  or contact Northamptonshire Carers Support Line on Tel:  01933 677907, option 2

You may also be interested in the following, which you are welcome to attend:

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We have put together a Booklet for Parent Carers which has contact details of National and Local Support Services, as well as ourselves which may be able to offer information, support and advice to you in Northamptonshire

Download a PDF version of our booklet

There is a regular weekly 'Zoom' Drop in for Parent Carers, however we would like to remind you that you  are welcome to attend most of the groups and activities that we organise, any specific groups for Parent Carers will also be listed along side other groups and activities such as Art Groups, Informal Drop Ins, Wellbeing Workshops and more listed at Group Support Page