About this toolkit

As a parent carer knowing what it is you need to know, where to find out about it or who to ask can be bewildering, frustrating and time-consuming; at times you may even feel you don’t have the will or the energy to even try.

We understand this, so we have designed this toolkit to help you navigate through information, systems, and services that you and your child might need.  We hope it will provide you with a starting point to tackle issues that you may face and help you to gain confidence and skills.  And you may even feel able to provide mutual support to other parent carers, or even become a peer support advocate.

We have kept things simple, with topics you can dip in and out of in bitesize chunks.  Where relevant we have included links to our Self-advocacy factsheets that explore the topic in more detail, and to our Letter Templates.  We also include internet links to other websites for more information and advice, and importantly there is a Glossary and Jargon buster at the end.

We have linked to the main Toolkit, the Factsheets and the Letters in the table below and to compliment this advocacy Toolkit, there will be training in different formats to meet as many Parent Carers needs as possible which will be repeated around demand. 

For Further information on the Toolkit if required, please call 01933 677907, option 1 and ask for Teresa Dobson or via email

Self-Advocacy Toolkit for Parent Carers Download from Here
FS1 Communicating effectively Download from Here
FS2 Tips for searching for on-line resources Download from Here
FS3 Rights to social care assessment Download from Here
FS4 Preparing for adulthood Download from Here
FS5 SEN Educational Provision Download from Here
FS6 Disagreements about social care or health  Download from Here
L1 Asking for an assessment of your family's needs Download from Here
L2 Complaining to the local authority or NHS Download from Here
L3 Requesting a EHC Needs Assessment Download from Here