Young Carers

Northamptonshire Young Carers Service

Northamptonshire Young Carers Service exists to help promote the health and wellbeing of young carers and their families.

We will work to make sure young carers are identified and recognised within our local community and help to prevent them taking on more responsibility than they should or could cope with. We aim to help them reduce feelings of isolation. We understand that young carers are individuals in individual families and have different needs.  We will allow young carers and their families a say in what our support will be with a focus on improving confidence and helping prevent the type of problems that young carer families may face.

We aim to promote an understanding of the balance needed between being a Carer and having an opportunity to have hopes and dreams that will in turn help young carers to fulfil their individual potential.

What is Young Carers Action Day?

  • An annual event organised by Carers Trust.
  • Raising public awareness of young carers and young adult carers, the pressures and challenges they face, and the incredible contribution they make by caring for their family members and friends.

  • A call for more action to support young and young adult carers and give them the extra bit of help they need to live full and healthy lives.

  • A social media event with young and young adult carers all over the UK sharing images, messages and other content like videos, blogs and art.

    #YoungCarersActionDay has previously trended on Twitter!

The theme for Young Carers Action Day 2023 is:

Make Time for Young Carers

But what does ‘Make Time for Young Carers’ really mean?

‘Make Time for Young Carers’ highlights two things that are really important for young carers:

  • the need for professionals and responsible adults to make more time to listen to young carers explain the challenges they face as young carers, so they can better understand the support young carers actually need.
  • Once they understand the sort of support that’s required, responsible adults then need to make time to put that support in place.

Our Young Adult Carer Champions Group have put together some information they want professionals to be aware of.

Here are the posters they created which have also been shared on social media:

Social Media

We shared posts made by some of our Young Adult Carers on our social media accounts.

Facebook: @northamptonshireyoungcarerspage

Instagram: @northantsyoungcarers

Twitter: @NorthantsYCS

What was the theme of Young Carers Action Day 2022?

Carers Trust met with young and young adult carers from across the UK who decided that the theme for 2022 was

Taking Action On Isolation!

  • Securing action to help address the isolation they experience as young and young adult carers.

  • having the right support in place, such as social opportunities, to give them a better chance  of succeeding in all parts of their lives. 

  • celebrate all the good practice taking place to provide access to support and services that helps prevent isolation among young and young adult carers. 

Northamptonshire Young Carers Service Approach in 2022.

We held a BIG NIGHT IN event on Zoom for young carers to attend to meet their peers, take part in some fun activities, and learn some ways to cope with isolation.

Activities included Laughter Yoga, Disco, visualisation and drawing our power bubbles, relaxing yoga, and a bed time story!

We also shared some quotes and videos put together by our Young Carer Champions Steering Group - see below for some of the content!

Social Media

We shared posts made by some of our Young Adult Carers on our social media accounts.

Facebook: @northamptonshireyoungcarerspage

Instagram: @northantsyoungcarers

Twitter: @NorthantsYCS

Here are some of the posts!