Our Young Carers Team

Our Team come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.
Over the years we have grown and we are also really fortunate to have a trusted army of Sessional Staff and Volunteers that you may meet along the way.
Here are the Northamptonshire Young Carers Crew:

   Joanna Johnson - Young Carers Service Manager

  Philip Mayes - Senior Young Carer Worker

   Annie Freestone - Senior Worker and Young Adult Carer Lead

  Cat Hemmington - Young Carer Worker (Wellingborough/East Northants)

  Trevor Froggatt - Young Carer Worker (South Northants/ Nton)

Sue Arber - Young Carer Worker (Kettering/Corby)

  Emma Hickey - Young Carer Worker (Daventry/Nton)

Katie Fitzpatrick - Young Carer Worker (Northampton)

Rosie Fletcher - Young Carers BBC Children In Need Group Worker 

Jess Kenny - BBC Children In Need Sibling Support (and Social Groups)Worker