Northamptonshire Carers exists to make a positive change to Carers lives. To do this we will reach out to, value and champion all Carers and those they look after.

Our Values
(the ethos through which we will achieve Our Mission)

Carer-led: We will hear and value Carer’s voices and involve them in all aspects of Northamptonshire Carers

Inclusive: We will have brave conversations to promote equality, inclusion and diversity and adhere to a zero tolerance of discrimination in all it’s forms

Collaborative: We will work in partnership with all people, communities and organisations

Innovative: We will establish our own direction and boldly go where no one has been before

Championing: We will influence Health and Social Care planning and strategy

Responsive: We will provide the right services and support at the right time

Teamwork: We will work together to achieve the best outcomes for people

Caring: We will support the wellbeing of the people using the service and our staff and volunteers

Accountable: we will use our resources responsibly and in line with our cause

About us

What we do

We hope that this website displays the full range of services that we offer but some of our most popular services include:

  • Our range of support groups and activities for Carers
  • Our Carers Support Line which can be called for practical advice or emotional support
  • Our Young Carer service support children who are in a caring role
  • We provide Carers Assessments which are a legal right and allow you to determine what support matches your individual circumstances.

Just some of the services we provide.

Click here for the Services Explained Document

Accessible Information

Please contact us if you require or want to discuss receiving information in an alternative format. Our Accessible Information Policy can be found here. A large print version is also available here but please let us know if another format is needed.

We have a portable hearing loop available upon request. 


We welcome feedback. Feel free to contact us. We also have a comments and complaints policy which you can view.