So what is e-learning?

E-learning is about using technology to encourage and enable people to learn anytime and anywhere: feeling more supported and less alone.

It is engaging and innovative and offers choice. It can reach individuals and groups in a way that is convenient to them and flexible. People can work at their own pace, and explore in a safe, interactive and comfortable way.

It fits with busy lives offering visual and audio materials that can be accessed and completed on phones, iPads, tablets, laptops, and computers.

Carers and students who take our courses will have the opportunity to learn to understand and acknowledge the life of being a carer: hopefully feel more valued every day for their bravery and resilience; be empowered to voice challenges, respond and make positive changes and improve their wellbeing.

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Northamptonshire Carers are delighted to announce we have partnered with NHFT Recovery College to roll out Free unaccredited e-learning courses for carers, service users and other interested students.

The courses are aimed at unpaid informal carers.

Cathie Ielapi “ Being a Carer, it has always been my passion to help and empower carers.  Pre pandemic I had produced and delivered wellbeing courses across the county for Northamptonshire Carers, when everything changed to phone support and Zoom groups the spark was ignited to Co-produce Carers E-Learning Courses.  From a chance training session with the Recovery College this suddenly seemed possible. Nicola and I led on this forming a small team and are very proud of our progress with Carers Courses now available.  I am privileged to work on this project and feel it has enhanced what we can offer carers.”

It is easily accessible online for you to do in your own time around your already busy schedule.

Why we have done this…we care about you; your health and wellbeing.

Nicola Best “I have always wanted to be able to offer working carers wellbeing courses in their workplace like the ones Cathie had developed.

We needed an approach that would take less time, be easy to pick up and use flexibly, making support like this more widely available.

We hope we have done this here and hope to continue and develop more. ‘’

Caring and Me:

The first course is a compilation of 3 courses giving an introduction to caring including how to look after your own wellbeing and about your rights as a carer.

This e-learning session aims to give carers multiple skills to help support themselves as carers, which in turn enables them to support the ones they care for.

The course gives carers a safe space to share through lived experiences, personal stories and peer to peer support.

Courses now available

Click Here to Enrol Click Here to Enrol Coming live in June

Derek “Attending the wellbeing course I found the sessions very refreshing and encouraging.  It was a good experience.  I am more informed and found great friendship”

We all need to recognise and value those in caring roles. Carers need mental health and wellbeing support, especially post-Covid.


Ella “After completing the courses I was feeling accomplished.  I found new contacts and information.  I know there is help and will remember to do the relaxation”

  • Help with wellbeing
  • Information and Resources
  • Therapy Taster ideas
  • Peer support opportunities
  • Future activities and events
  • A ‘Whatsapp’ group is offered to enable students to keep in touch.
  • Access to other courses.
  • Certificate to acknowledge completion of each course - signed by our CEO

Example page from Course 1 - Caring and Me: Introduction to Caring

Elizabeth “ After completing the course I was feeling less isolated and more confident moving forward.  I learned visualisation and breathing techniques.  That there is help, you are not alone, thank you for everything”

‘Very well put together - full of useful information’

Example page from Course 1 - Caring and Me: Introduction to Caring

‘I found the course very helpful, informative and easy to understand. I thought the relaxing part very helpful and encouraging.’
‘I enjoyed this short course. It provided lots of information in an easy to read format and interactive way that kept my interest well. The graphics were great and I liked the music! The clips of the therapies with Kay and Hayley were brilliant and I will use them again in the future!’
‘Thank you for creating this - I think it is a great tool and I will be promoting it to others!’
‘Enjoyed this course and hope to do others’

Gratitude Journal

Among the resources is a downloadable Gratitude Journal to help carers appreciate the every day and boost their wellbeing. 

What is a Gratitude Journal? Find out more by clicking the link below. 

Link to Gratitude Journal

(best viewed in Microsoft Edge - for editing)

Click Here to Download

Designed by Vicky Doyle

Co-Production / Working Together

Huge thanks to Jey and Vicky our amazing volunteers.

carly photo - needed

We could not have produced this without their enthusiasm and talents. Including their amazing IT skills and artwork.

Sarah, Carly, Sue and Sam from the Recovery College – thank you all for your ideas, time, commitment, input and patience.

Recovery College

Our E-learning courses have been created in partnership with the NHFT Recovery College. they "co-produce" courses with their practitioners and service users to deliver the goals of Hope, Control and Opportunity.

As well as E-learning they provide several courses on mental health and wellbeing, neurodiversity and employment skills. 

For more information on this and all other courses email [email protected]

Future courses coming soon...

  • More wellbeing modules
  • Former carers
  • Working carers
  • Parent carers
  • Young adult carers

To sign up contact: [email protected] or follow the link after the course you are interested in