Northamptonshire Carers are striving to be a diverse and inclusive organisation and to identify and support under-represented unpaid Carers.  

A new project funded by Making Carers Count, a Carers Trust partnership programme supported by the Covid-19 Support Fund. 

The Making Carers Count project aims to increase diversity and inclusivity within our organisation, our services we provide and to raise staff awareness of the needs of those who look after others as unpaid carers from under-represented communities.


Ethnic Minority Carers such as those of Black and or Asian heritage are under-represented, and the Making Carers Count project aims to update and adapt our services to best reflect the communities we support.



As part of Race Equality Week 2022 we are launching our commitment to address race inequalities by committing to The Big Promise. 

Our Big Promise is a public commitment, which is measurable and to which they will be held accountable, to create a positive change. 

Our Trustees, Chief Executive and staff have committed to meaningful actions to support our ethnic minority communities and to forming a bridge between lived experience, to investment resources to achieve our commitment and encourage progressive decision making.

Mark Major - CEO Northamptonshire Carers With his Big Promise.

I, Mark Major Promise to set a zero tolerance to racism and microaggressions policy, with published, clear consequences for those that do not adhere.

I, also Promise to encourage my senior managers to mentor and be reverse mentored.

I, also Promise to ensure all elements of reward and recognition, from appraisals to bonuses, are fair and reflect the racial diversity of the organisation.

I, also Promise to develop mechanisms to identify, develop and promote Ethnic Minority people within my division to ensure there is a pipeline of senior management level capable candidates to reflect the importance of race diversity to my organisation.

I, also Promise to actively sponsor ether minority (especially black) talent in my workplace.

I, also Promise to run Safe Space (a dialogue with Ethnic Minority colleagues to create change) and will monitor outcomes.

I, also Promise to set targets and have an action plan to Ethnic Minority recruitment, retention and promotion, and report on them.

As part of the Making Carers Count launch, for Race Equality Week we have secured Cllr Imran Chowdhury MBE a prominent Bangladeshi-born British restaurateur, community Leader- Personality, Public Speaker, writer, Historian and Public Service Champion to talk to our staff about his life and what it means to be Bangladeshi in the UK. 


*In a recent poll 73% of respondents from more than 100 organisations said their names were mispronounced.  *Race Equality Matters


If someone has a name that people find difficult to pronounce quite often what happens is the name is pronounced incorrectly and the individual is then known by that ‘new name’ or nickname or a simplified surrogate name such as “Abdullah” becomes “Jeff”. Northamptonshire Carers want staff and Carers to be respected and to be able to be their whole self.  #MyNameIs…., is a simple but impactful solution to ensure everyone pronounces people’s names correctly.  As an organisation we have adopted the phonetic name spelling campaign to help tackle race inequality.



other talks that have been happening around our area

Yvonne Coghill – Race and Health in the NHS and the consequences for patient care
Angela Hillery – Why are we still talking about race?


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