Financial Information

Some Carers find that caring has a financial cost whether it be relying on benefits or trying to juggle caring with work. There is though support and information available. Maneuvering 'the system' can be difficult however if we do not know the answer we will be able to point you towards an expert who can.Read more

Support in hospitals

There is a carer support serviced based in both Northampton and Kettering General Hospitals. The carer support workers (CSW’s) have developed close links with the hospital staff and are therefore ideally placed to support informal carers, whist the cared for person is in hospital and throughout the discharge process.Read more

Peer support

We provide a peer support service to Carers who may need a little bit of extra support for a short time. All of our peer support workers are or have been Carers themselves so they have a good understanding with a lot of the issues that Carers may face – they may also have faced similar experiences themselves.Read more

Support line

Our Carers Support Line provides a confidential service to support the needs of Adult and Young Carers, including Parent Carers. The service can be accessed by Carers, professionals or anyone with a Carer related enquiry or issue.Read more