We aim to offer comprehensive support services to Carers living in Northamptonshire. We recognise their contribution to society and will endeavour to empower Carers in improving their quality of life. Our organisation is Carer-Led and our developments will be a response to Carer’s needs

About us

Our vision

We've been supporting Carers since 1992. Carers often sacrifice their time, health and careers to support their loved-one. If Carers did not do what they do then the health and social care systems would fail overnight. Although there may be challenges, many Carers have a huge feeling of pride, love and self-fulfilment from the support they provide. We believe that by supporting Carers, we not only support them but also the wider society by making their caring roles more manageable and sustainable.

This is a quotation from someone saying how their life has changed through what we've done:

Thank you for your support, you really were a rock on a number of occasions. You helped me to see things more clearly & helped me have strength to carry on.
Thank you letter from a local Carer

How we do what we do

As an organisation we place Carers at the centre of everything we do.

  • We provide many services ourselves and are always open to suggestions from Carers about new services
  • We work with partners such as Northamptonshire County Council and the NHS in order to improve support for Carers, such as by providing Carers Assessments and being a voice for Carers within these organisations.
  • We offer volunteering and employment opportunities for Carers

What we do

We hope that this website displays the full range of services that we offer but some of our most popular services include:

  • Our range of support groups and activities for Carers
  • Our Carers Support Line which can be called for practical advice or emotional support
  • Our Young Carer service support children who are in a caring role
  • We provide Carers Assessments which are a legal right and allow you to determine what support matches your individual circumstances.

Services wordcload

Just some of the services we provide.

Our values

We exist because we believe that those who provide informal care to others deserve a good quality of life.

Equal Opportunities

Northamptonshire Carers is committed to providing a service to all Carers and will not discriminate against any Carer on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic origin, disability, sexuality, religious belief or political opinion, age, marital status, economic status or social background.

Accessible Information

Please contact us if you require or want to discuss receiving information in an alternative format. Our Accessible Information Policy can be found here. A large print version is also available here but please let us know if another format is needed.

We have a portable hearing loop available upon request. 

Annual Report

A copy of our 2018/19 Annual Report & Audited Accounts can be found here.


We welcome feedback, negative or positive. Feel free to contact us. We also have a comments and complaints policy which you can view.