Northamptonshire Carers has been working with GP practices since 2007.  The project was initially a pilot funded by the Department of Health with the aim of encouraging GP’s and other staff at the surgery to identify carers and refer them onto us. In the first year we had 400 referrals from GPs in the last year up to the end of September 2016 we have received 1635 referrals from practices across the county.  This means that over 1600 people who may not have received advice and support from us.   

We have also been able to show GP’s that they also benefit as evidence from a Carers Trust survey shows that carers who are receiving support from us are less likely to go back  to the surgery with stress and anxiety related issues.  This year Nene & Corby Clinical Commissioning Groups have made identifying and referring carers to us a part of their Quality Standards which is great news for all carers out there who haven’t heard about us so far.  To achieve this standard a surgery needs to have a worker dedicated to carers issues, all practice staff need to be aware of the services Northamptonshire Carers offer and of the pressures and stresses involved in being a carer.


Once registered with the GP surgery carers can be offered:

  • Free flu jabs
  • Be offered flexibility with appointments and home visits wherever possible
  • Regular health checks


We are continuously working with GP’s to support them in identifying patients who are carers and in encouraging them to refer to our services.  We are currently encouraging surgeries to adopt a system to let all staff at the practice know that a patient is a carer as soon as they open the record.  This means that a receptionist should be able to see that they are a carer straight away and offer flexibility around appointments etc where possible.

Referring is easy