We understand that life as a professional can be very busy with many demands being asked of you. We can provide Carer Awareness training to you or your organisation.

The training can be fitted to your requirements in terms of length, content and audience and we are interactive and engaging.  Our training is based around five key messages:

  1. A Carer can be anyone & anyone can become a Carer at any time.
  2. Carers are individuals with their own needs.
  3. Northamptonshire Carers provides support for Carers.
  4. Carers are legally entitled to a Carers Assessment and support.
  5. Supporting Carers reduces demand on the wider health system.

We believe that once your team has become more Carer-aware, your jobs will be made more manageable as our will know where to refer Carers for support and in doing so the long-term impact on your services and resources will be reduced. 

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Some of our services are listed above - we can explain the most relevant ones to you during a Carer Awareness training session. To discus further, please get in touch.