COPD can be a debilitating disease. Shortage of breath on excursion can make people frighten to be active. Simple changes can make a big difference. A lady with COPD gave up cycling which had been her passion. She was a member of a cycling group so not only stopped cycling but missed out on the companionship of others, with the same interest. It was then suggested that she buy an e-bicycle. She was able to re-join her group, get out and about, peddling when able and switching to electric when needed.

Breathing Space groups promote very gentle exercise in a fun way (with the emphasis on fun). Recently group members from all five of the BS groups performed a simple dance routine to ‘Mack the knife’ proving that you can exercise and have fun, even with a disease such as COPD. Whilst we hope you will join in these sessions, if you can’t or simply don’t want to, we don’t mind at all.

The British Lung Foundation has produced Stay active, stay well videos which include great advice demonstrations.