Relaxation techniques can help to calm and focus you during times when you are experiencing difficulties with breathing, at times when you feels stressed or anxious, or at times when everything just gets too much.

Relaxation means so many different things to each one of us, you may relax whilst listening to music, gardening or reading a book. However here we are thinking more about actual Relaxation techniques which can help to calm and focus you when you are experiencing breathing difficulties, when you are feeling stressed or anxious or when everything just gets too much. During Breathing Space groups,  Specialist Nurses will be available to teach you breathing techniques, to use when you are dealing with exacerbation of your symptoms. The Wellbeing team will use techniques from various practices including Mindfulness, Imagery-visualisation and Laughter Yoga, to encourage and enable you to truly relax. These tools will also be useful in anxiety management, pain management and for improving Sleep Hygiene.

Video Tutorials

Mindfulness Exercise with Hayley

Lift Your Mood with Dr Mike Scanlan - recorded during Coronavirus lockdown but can be applied at any time

Hand Massage on yourself with Kay

Hand Massage on someone else with Kay

Flower Arranging for the Mindset with Julie - demonstrates that many past times can be relaxing 

Introduction to Laughter Yoga with Jules & Emma. Click here for our guide to Laughter Yoga and its benefits. 

For further videos including playlists for Relaxation and Laughter Yoga, take a look oat our YouTube channel.

External Resources

To explore relaxation further follow the links below to find relaxation exercises, recordings and techniques.

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation audio recording from Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Mindfulness Tools - it is American, but quite a soothing voice. Audio recordings for ‘Mindful Breathing’, ‘Mindful Body Scan’, ‘Mindful thoughts’ & ‘Mindful eating’
  • Paul McKenna audio recording, ‘Deep Relaxation Guided Hypnosis’.
  • DrawCalmingCircles - Mind Mental Health Charity, 3 very simple relaxation exercises.
  • Turn2Me - Irish charity offering self-help tools, free online support groups, and online counselling (paid), podcasts, links and articles about Mental Health including Anxiety and Stress management, Depression and more.
  • No Panic 'body scan' - Charity specialising in Self-help for people with any type of Anxiety Disorder, free resources include a short audio ‘body scan’ relaxation recording, written muscle relaxation instructions, helplines and option to become a member for more extensive support.
  • Skills You Need -  Welsh charity that provides free information and advice on a wide variety of topics all relating to life skills. Sections on relaxation techniques, anxiety management, Laughter Therapy and many more.
  • Action for Happiness - useful resources including their 10 Days of Happiness program