People with long term health conditions such as COPD may or may not have a Carer. By the term 'Carer' we mean a friend or relative who provides support and is not paid as opposed to a Care Worker who may be employed by a care agency, residential home or hospital etc. There are 70,000 Carers in Northamptonshire providing a wide range of support from taking people to medical appointments to personal care alongside countless other tasks.

Carers are legally entitled to a carers assessment if they would like to have one.

Having a carers assessment gives Carers the chance to think about how life has changed or has been affected by caring for someone.

It can give Carers an opportunity to talk through any issues and to identify any needs, information, advice or support that should be taken into account when planning.

An assessment can lead to a support plan as well as a contingency plan to provide reassurance should the situation change. 

The assessment can be done over the phone, face to face, at your home or any other venue that suits.

During the assessment Carers can talk about:

  • How caring may be affecting their health, wellbeing, work etc
  • What help they may need – equipment?
  • Emotional support – do you they need to talk to someone?
  • Coping with a crisis/emergency

The assessment can be done with the person you care for or independently if you prefer.

For further information please contact our Carers Support Line on 01933 677907, option 2 or [email protected] 

Carers can also self refer here. 

Details of our wide range of service can be seen here.

‘Supporting Someone with Breathlessness’ is a source full of help and advice made specifically for Carers of people with breathlessness