Our Dementia Care Advice Service is designed to support both those who have dementia and their Carers. We offer emotional and practical support and we liaise with other organisations who can also provide services such as benefits help or care packages.

Dementia is a term that describes a set of symptoms that include problems with memory, understanding and behaviour. There are several types of Dementia, each with its own set of challenges. Our dedicated Dementia specialists help a carer to understand the condition, giving examples of how to cope using strategies that make life easier for both. We work alongside the Alzheimer’s Society and jointly we have a lot of experience in this field. We can source the most helpful information to enable a person centred approach to caring.

Within this support, the wellbeing of the carer is top of the list. We will:

  • Signpost to other organisations or social services
  • Complete a Carers Assessment to look at the carers needs holistically.
  • Help with future planning
  • Assist with residential care visits
  • Explore other courses, days out, respite opportunities for the carer.

If you or someone you know, is caring for someone who has Dementia or memory problems, please contact us for further information. You can also refer online.