Our Supporting Working Carers project  focuses on supporting Carers who are in paid employment. We are working with many employers in order to encourage them to maintain Carers in employment and support Carers among their workforce.

This is a pilot project funded by the Dept of Health, Government Equalities Office & the Dept for Work & Pensions. We are also working in collaboration with Northamptonshire County Council. 

Free Consultation - Let us help you show you value your staff and are a Carer Friendly Employer. We offer:

  • Face to face meeting to develop a personalised approach to support Carers best suited for your company
  • Carers’ in-house events to promote Carers Week and Carers Rights Day
  • Business cards, posters and resources for Carers enabling them to contact and access wider support from Northamptonshire Carers
  • E-learning and training for Line Managers - Supporting Carers at Work and Raising Awareness of Carers
  • Wellbeing training
  • Mentoring under Clarity 4D
  • County recognition of being a Business Supporting Its Carers
  • Opportunities to share ideas and resources with other likeminded organisations
  • Access to all the specialist services Northamptonshire Carers offers to Carers including free Carers Assessments carried out in your workplace

Supporting Working Carers - Accreditation Scheme

Evidence shows that caring can cause ill health, poverty and social isolation.

When caring is intensive and unsupported people can struggle to hold down a job and carry out their usual daily activities.

  • Employers sign up to demonstrate their commitment to supporting employees who provide care and support for elderly or disabled relatives
  • Employers who look after the Carers in their workforce will benefit by attracting and supporting staff – with better staff retention, better morale and higher productivity.

This accreditation scheme aims to raise awareness about the growing number of working Carers (currently likely to be 1 in 9 and rising) and give recognition to those employers who support Carers in their workforce.

Level Action required to qualify Results of qualification

Meet with SWC team.

Commit to first action e.g. event; promote Jointly app; register with Employers for Carers; E-learning for line managers and/or staff; Carer film shared; staff event/Surgery

SWC logo and header and footer


Company listed on Northamptonshire Carers (NC) and Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) website lists of Carer friendly companies


Follow-on event has taken place (see above list);

Work towards a Carers’ Network and Lead Staff;

Carer or Wellbeing Charter with Carers included 

Carer policy or procedures review

Ongoing support from Northamptonshire Carers and contact with other employers

Evidence of activity over and above or  community engagement from organisation

e.g. offering interview or work experience opportunity for a Carer who is seeking to return to work; ongoing additional support 

Evidence / Outcomes from staff who are Carers that the support has made a difference

Entry to the Jane Roebuck Annual Carers Awards for excellence

Interested? For more information, please contact us or you can register to be a carer-friendly employer.

Material for employers

People’s Postcode Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Our project received £19,899 from the Trust to encourage businesses to support staff who are also unpaid Carers. Working together to offer resources, embed training and enable ongoing networks.

Case studies 



The Health and Safety Manager felt that there was so much focus on safety and they seemed to forget the “health” part. With this in mind the focus of 2017 was going to be their Colleague’s Wellbeing. To kick this off, it was decided to host a “wellbeing” event for all of the colleagues to attend in the form of a market stall event and they invited various groups to attend that it was felt could improve colleague wellbeing. The event was held in January as we felt people are enthusiastic about making changes in the New Year and it was given a strapline of “New Year, New You”.


The Market stalls included Northamptonshire Carers who provide information and support for the counties unpaid Carers and carried out Carers Assessments during the course of the day. Various organisations also attended which covered many aspects, such as smoking cessation, weight control, financial help, social and emotional support, alcohol awareness and housing and education, there was promotion of physical activity, Quorn foods to promote healthy eating and Prostate Cancer UK.


Overall the day was a great success with positive feedback from all parties, especially the colleagues with several signing up to stop smoking, free gym sessions, many carer referrals and a few alcohol awareness and weight control wake up calls, especially just after the festive period.  The intension is to hold these events on average 3 times per year with opportunity for colleagues to have a Carers Assessment within the work environment.





The Supporting Working Carers team were approached by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager from a large financial institution to provide an opportunity for their staff to gain support around the issues of working and caring for someone else.  The plan was to provide an In-house support network for employees as well as regular information and advice sessions.


Initially a presentation was given to employees with a brief consultation questionnaire being circulated.  Staff were then invited to provide details to enable Northamptonshire Carers to register them on the database and to have an initial conversation.  Arrangements were made to conduct Carers Assessments within the work environment.  Future plans are for a regular assessment sessions to take place where employees can pre book to have a Carers Assessment during their working hours.



Carer 1 contacted us via an in-house information session, currently caring for 1 of her children who has a diagnosed hearing loss.  Carer 1 was concerned that communicating with this child will become increasingly more difficult as she got older and requested a Carers Assessment during discussions it became clear that the British Sign Language Course that would enable her to start the communication process.


As part of the assessment process Carers can be provided with a Direct Payment for services that are not commissioned by Northamptonshire County Council. Carer 1 has requested £305.00 to pay for course tuition fees and is awaiting the outcome.



Carer 2 has been known to the organisation for some years. Carer 2 took redundancy to create a Social Enterprise unfortunately due to ill health had to take time out, during a general conversation the Building Better Opportunities project was mentioned as a possible option to enable a return to work. Accessing C.V writing support or training courses that would allow Carer 2 to gain the necessary skills to promote and manage her business.