Northamptonshire Carers contribution to National Poetry Day, kindly written by Sue Morton.

Young Carers Rap

Sorry – can’t come to yours for tea
Got to get home cos
I got responsibilities

Can’t come to Youth Club
Or the disco next week
But don’t diss me
Or think I’m a geek

Got to shop and cook
And keep the house clean
You should taste me spag bol
Man – it’s real mean

At doing the washing I’m not so good
I got whites that are pink
and greys that are blue
And just look at my school shirts
They got scorch marks too!

I give medication when it’s due
And do my homework when I can
I’m not moaning, it’s just how it is
‘Cos when I’m at home
I got sponsibilities
I got dreams for the future
Just like you
And worry about family
Who need me too

I go to a club with others like me
For we are known as young carers see
Northants Carers give us help 
and support
To do the things 
that young people ought

What I need from you
is to understand me
When I say
I can’t come to yours for tea 
Just be a friend – don’t pity me
For I’m proud of everything I do

I’m a young carer – don’t you see
Look around – look around
There’s many more like me