Update your first aid kit with the new My Health and Care Directory smartphone app

People across Northamptonshire can now benefit from quick and easy access to the latest information about local health and care services – thanks to the launch of a brand new smartphone app.

My Health and Care Directory, available now to download for free, lists more than 3,000 NHS, social care and community services across Northamptonshire, from late-night pharmacies, dental surgeries and urgent care facilities to mental health services, support for people with long-term conditions and wellbeing services run by the voluntary sector.

All you need to use the directory is a Northamptonshire postcode and there’s no requirement to log in or register. Simply select the local service you require to access a range of useful information at a glance, including opening hours, contact information, a summary of the services provided and details of how to access them.

My Health and Care Directory is the first online directory to bring together comprehensive details of local health and care service in one place. And because all data is kept verified and up to date, it’s also the most reliable source of information to access services in Northamptonshire – including which are currently accessed differently due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A desktop version of the online directory is already well used by local health and care professionals, but the launch of the new smartphone app means it’s now accessible to everyone.

To download My Health and Care Directory or access the desktop version of the directory, visit myhealthandcare.directory. Alternatively, search ‘My Health and Care Directory’ on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.