The Keep Safe Card is a countywide scheme which helps people with any disability or illness which may make them vulnerable feel safe and secure when out and about.

The Keep Safe Scheme was initially launched in 2011 for people with learning disabilities.  It proved a popular way for card holders and their families to feel safe when they were out and about.  Many other organisations were keen to be able to provide the card to their service users and so with financial support from Northamptonshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, the scheme was relaunched in April 2018.

The expansion of the scheme has enabled new member organisations to sign up as key partners. These organisations include Age UK, Autism East Midlands, Mind, Northamptonshire Association for the Blind, Northamptonshire County Council, Northamptonshire Carers and Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust.

The project encourages people with a disability, people who experience mental illness, or people who may be vulnerable, to sign up as Keep Safe Card holders.  When they register they are provided a Keep Safe Card, which holds some basic details about the person's needs as well as contact details for people close to them, such as family or carers, who can be telephoned in an emergency. The card also gives an idea of how best to help and communicate with the card holder.

The card can then be shown whenever the holder feels lost, bullied, worried about their safety or in need of assistance in any way and helps us understand their needs if they are in crisis.

Help may be found in shops, libraries, leisure centres, GP surgeries or anywhere a person feels they can ask for support.  The three emergency services, police, fire and ambulance, will also be able to access the information to be able to support the person in the best possible way.

To sign up for a Keep Safe Card or for more information:

Telephone 01604 888963

Email  [email protected]

Please click here to register for a keep safe card and further details about the Keep Safe Scheme