Care & Repair Northamptonshire are delivering a new fully funded service across Northamptonshire in partnership with Agility Eco. 

This service ‘LEAP’ may be of benefit to Carers, especially as we head into the colder months. It not only provides a fully funded home energy assessment and small measures (please see further detail below) but  can also be used for those who need a replacement boiler, which is normally provided fully funded for those eligible. 

Additionally, the service can offer replacement white goods if existing is 8 years old or older.  See LEAP flyer below for information. Referrals are made directly to Care & Repair, who can also pick up on wider support needs clients may have.

Please note that as well as LEAP, Care & Repair have the following fully funded Schemes available at the moment and will mix and match to achieve the best overall outcomes for clients:

  • Gas Safety Service – Gas Safety check, servicing, repairs, small appliances (private homeowners only)
  • Fully funded home safety check for those who are vulnerable to identify hazards and works needed
  • Hardship Fund – to cover the cost of essential repairs, adaptations, home security, plumbing, electrics, etc

 What is LEAP?

A comprehensive home energy assessment, available for all tenures of property,  which can provide the following:

  • Support with income maximisation, energy tariff switching, sign up to priority services register, warm homes discount
  • Energy saving information
  • Replacement boilers (home owners only)
  • Insulation and insulation top up
  • Replacement white goods (existing goods need to be minimum of 8 years old)
  • Home energy check
  • Small energy works in the home – radiator foils, draught exclusion to doors and windows, energy powerdowns, LED light bulbs


  • In receipt of means tested benefits OR
  • Household income of £31k or less OR
  • In receipt of a disability benefit

Please Note:  If the client needs a new boiler they must be on means tested benefit OR household income of £31k or less AND be over 65 or have a child under 4 or have a health condition.  We will go through this with the client when we receive the referral.

Referral Process:

Please refer to Care & Repair [email protected]  or call 01604 782250