Age Well

The aim of the Age Well Team is to give more proactive support to those people over 65 who are at high risk of health deterioration / hospital admission. It is a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach with GPs and other health professionals working with social services, Age UK and Northamptonshire Carers.

The approach emphasises that health is more than treating only medical concerns and also looks at social issues, including housing, social isolation, equipment and access. Meetings take place at the patient’s home, facilitated by a support worker placing the patient and their carers at the centre of the consultation.

The project is now countywide and growing and changing all the time.  We have had some wonderful feedback:

I manage Shaftesbury House in Wellingborough for Sanctuary Group. On of my residents has had rather a tough life and the last few years have seen some quite complex issues arise and has literally fallen through every crack the system has.

As soon as the team became involved my residents chances of survival and quality of life drastically improved. The resident I am referring too is also in a  better financial position and has a decent care plan in place going forward thanks to the care given. I cannot stress what a difference the team made. Literally saved limbs and probably a life would be a fair assessment.  

Robert Fraser, Scheme Manager, Sanctuary Housing

We look forward to the scheme expanding over the next few years and supporting more frail, older people to stay in their own homes and have a good quality of life.