Salsa night

Swear box

Sponsored events

School Disco

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Event

Singles Evening



Sweets in a Jar

Swimathon - A great excuse to get fit and raise money at the same time. kids and adults can do sponsored distances. Ask for donations for every length you do.

Scrabble competition

Shave off your beard or flowing locks!

Sherry evening - sell tickets for an evening in your own home. Included in the price is one glass of sherry. Further glasses are by donation only.


Slim - why not raise money as you lose the pounds? Get friends to sponsor you.

Sponsored events - always popular. Bed push, half a beard shave, wheelchair marathon.

Sports events - do you belong to a sports club? Why not persuade them to hold a charity day? People could pay to enter a competition.

Sporting club dinner collection or raffle

Stand up bingo - sell bingo cards around the room, each with one number on it. Ask all the participants to stand up. Spin the balls and when a number is called that person has to sit down. The last one standing scoops the prize. Good for dinner dances.

Supermarket trolley dash - arrange date with manager and sell tickets beforehand. Winning ticket 'dashes' through the store grabbing as much food as possible. Money to pay for goods has to come from proceeds.

Sweepstakes - set up an online sweepstake to give your fundraising a boost