Harley Ride Out

Half Marathon

Horse Event

Halloween party - hold a fancy dress party at your house or in a local bar. Ask for an entrance fee. Organise a DJ, spooky decorations and nibbles.

Head and tails auction - good to do at a dinner evening. Get everyone to stand up and pass a bucket around collecting people's change (although encourage £5 notes). Everyone decides whether they're heads or tails by putting a hand on their head or their bottom. Flip a coin on stage and announce the results. Those who get it wrong sit down. Continue until only one person is left. Winner gets a prize.

Hat sale - get everyone to donate their old hats and then come and buy a new one.

Head shave - Ever thought about doing something outrageous and a little bit silly all in the name of charity? How about shaving your head, or men, waxing those legs