Form a Fundraising community group

Fashion show

Football Kit day

Fetes & Fairs

Face Painting

Football Tournament

Fancy dress days - pay to wear fancy dress or dress down to work or school and fine those that don't make the effort. Non-uniform days at school are always popular. In the office have crazy tie, bad hat or yellow and blue only days. April Fools Day is ideal for this.

Festivals - of craft, drama or flowers. You'll need a team of volunteers to design and create displays. Sell programmes, refreshments and organise stall sales.

Fetes - celebrities will help draw in crowds. But there's lots of work, planning and costs involved - so be careful!

Fishing tournament - get sponsorship from a local angling shop.

Football match - collections at half time.

Fun Day - hold a family fun day at work. Include an It's a Knock Out style competition.

Fun runs - organise your own; you decide the venue and the distance. Try to get a local personality to compete or start the event off. Or, if you do not have time, simply book a place in an officially organised event such as the London Marathon or Great Northern Rfun and ask friends for sponsorship.

£5 into £50 - Give friends or volunteer fundraisers a sum of money (£5) and a time limit (three months) to increase this by devising a money-generating activity. Ideas include: planting vegetable seeds and selling produce; baking and selling cakes; backing the Derby winner; investing. Award prizes for the most ingenious idea.

50:50 club - get everyone to donate £1 a month (by standing order if possible). Each month holds a draw when someone wins half the total raised. No licence is required - you just need to ensure at least half the money goes back into prize money.