Berlin Marathon

Baby competition


Baby Photos

Beer Festival

Best Breakfast event

Brunch Gathering

Bridge Afternoon

Bring and Buy Sale

Bucket Collection

Black tie Ball

Babysitting - donate your earnings to us

BBQ - held in your garden. Ask guests to pay an entrance fee, then provide them with food and drink for free.

Barn dance - find a real barn if possible and hire a good band. Recruit a caller who knows all the dances and can instruct those with two left feet. Charge for admission and refreshments. Make sure you sell enough tickets before the night, not just on the door.

Bed pushing marathon - different teams are sponsored. Choose a high profile route, eg through the town centre on a Saturday morning. Please note, you will need permission from your local council.

Benefit Performance - organise a concert or benefit performance

Bike rides - you name the distance and the route. Don't forget safety precautions and your helmet.  

Book sales - get all your friends and relatives to clear out their book shelves and donate the books to you to sell.

Bridge evening - The entrance fee could include a light supper or nibbles and a glass of wine.

Burns Night - get your local Scottish residents to help catch the haggis!