How well do you sleep? Breathing difficulties, Sleep apnoea, restless legs, tossing and turning, thoughts going around your head?

Sleep Hygiene focuses on developing healthy sleep habits and routines to enable a good night’s sleep. It works alongside our relaxation and anxiety management modules as all of these areas are connected and influence one another, so for best results they need to be addressed together rather than independently. Positive Sleep Hygiene, relaxation and anxiety management techniques combined with gentle exercise can help achieve and maintain a better night’s sleep.

If you would like to know more about developing good Sleep Hygiene follow the links below, where you’ll find information, advice and practical tips:

  • NHS One You website has lots of information and links on emotional and physical wellbeing.  It looks at the whole topic of sleep and why it is important to get a good regular night’s sleep. There are other Links to further information within it.
  • Audio recording by a Doctor on how to sleep well.
  • Comprehensive information on sleep & COPD from Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Sleepstation has useful articles about sleep and insomnia. Possibility to get a personalised and comprehensive sleep therapy package for between £100-£500, may be possible to get access to it through the NHS, speak to your GP to see if free access is available.