The benefits system can seem confusing especially for Carers who's benefits are closely linked to those of the person they care for. Thankfully advice is available and we would recommend regular benefits checks, especially following a change of circumstances.  If we can't help you, we can point you towards an expert who can.

Many people have heard of Carers Allowance but not everyone is eligible as it depends on the amount of care provided, your income and whether the person you care for is on the correct disability benefit. Regardless of this, it is always worth checking your eligibility as even if you do not get Carers Allowance you may still be able to receive Carers Credit towards National Insurance contributions or an underlying entitlement which helps towards Pension Credit.

Disability Benefits

There are several types of disability benefits that may apply to the person you care for, or yourself if you also have a long term condition. These are non-means tested so their income is irrelevant when applying

Means Bested Benefits

Other benefits are means-tested and often consider a couple's joint income.

  • Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) supports those who can't work due to ill health.
  • Housing & Council Tax benefits are paid by local borough councils to those on low income.
  • Tax and Pension credits can top-up income for some people.

Other Types of Support

There is other support available which may not be benefit paid to you.

  • Blue badges can be a practical help with parking if someone has mobility difficulties.
  • Council Tax disregard can help reduce bills if someone has a 'severe mental impairment' such as dementia. These are via our local borough council.

Getting Advice

This is only a snapshot of the help available in terms of benefits and finances. We would always recommend getting a full benefits check, especially if you are new to caring or your circumstances change. Thankfully help is available.

We hope this information is of use but please contact us if you want to discuss further.