Northamptonshire Carers has successfully secured funding from the Co-op Local Community Fund which will enable us to support bereaved family unpaid Carers from Black, Asian or diverse communities.  The funding will expand the specialised support services we already offer bereaved unpaid Carers when they are first bereaved and continue to experience grief.


The hope is to recruit and provide specialist training up to 10 volunteers from Black, Asian or diverse communities with experience of loss.  They will work with us to develop and offer a befriending service over the phone, primarily for the Abington Area of Northampton and in particular the community around the Barry Road Co-op Store.  We will provide dedicated listening support and peer groups.  Peer support continues to be so powerful in helping people cope in difficult circumstances.


One of our key aims is to bring more bereaved carers together to form new peer support networks and empower them to regain their self-identity. We will utilise community spaces such as cafes, parks and community centres.  We aim to forge links with other community groups such as community allotments, charity shops and local hobby clubs as bereaved carers reconnect with their communities.


If you would like to find out more about this project or are interested in being one of our volunteers, please contact:


[email protected] or [email protected] or call 01933 677907 and speak to Nicola or Delia/Catherine