Resonate CD now available - suggested donation of £10 to support future projects!

This album showcases the incredible songs written by female Carers during Resonate, a 12-week songwriting project that ran from November 2019 to February 2020. All the lyrics are original and composed by the wonderful ladies who took part. The album includes two discs - one with live recordings from the Resonate Celebration Event, which was a very special and memorable day for everyone involved. There is also a disc with studio versions of each song, professionally recorded and produced by the musicians leading the project. 

We are so proud of what the ladies have achieved and hope that this album raises awareness of the amazing work that Carers across the country do every day to look after their loved ones. With special thanks to NMPAT, our fantastic musicians and staff at Northamptonshire Carers who have made this album possible and brought it alive. 

Some words from those involved:

"It's brilliant how such a small thing can make such a difference. I feel I have a new lease of life!"

"What a wonderful experience. I didn't know what to expect, but it was amazing!"

"I forgot my worries and enjoyed everyone's company. Our song is coming along really well and it is amazing to be part of creating it."

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This project was funded by the DCMS and Spirit of 2012 as part of their wider Carers Music Fund, designed to give female Carers of all ages the opportunity to get involved in a range of musical activities. Although anyone can become a Carer at any time, 58% Carers are women and 72% of those in receipt of Carers Allowance are women.