For over 30 years, Northamptonshire Carers have been providing direct support to Carers and Young Carers from Middleton Cheney to Easton-on-the-Hill. Throughout this time our mission has remained the same and we continue to fight for Carers throughout Northamptonshire.

Our services include connecting Carers through groups, cafes, lunch clubs and 1-to-1 support. We also enable Carers to maintain their own health and wellbeing via appropriate support services. One of our most valuable ways of supporting Carers is by providing a short break away from caring: time to relax, switch off and be themselves.

Although we are helping Carers get much needed breaks, we want to do more and meet ever-increasing need to provide Carers and Young Carers with the breaks they deserve. We also know that something as simple as a break can help prevent breakdown of a caring role which in turn reduces pressure on social care and the NHS.

As a registered charity, we rely on donations to help run our services including short breaks for carers, our Carers Support Line and Young Carer activities. Any donation however small is truly appreciated. You can donate a small amount a month through Friends of Northamptonshire Carers or a one off donation through our main Carers Breaks Appeal.

According to the last census, there are over 70,000 Carers in Northamptonshire (including Young Carers): for us, that means there are 70,000 reasons to care.

With 1-in-10 of us being a Carer at any one time, we need the support of the whole community to continue to provide the support we do and meet ever-growing demand.

Why give to us?

  • We are the main support for Carers in Northamptonshire
  • We listen to Carers, are Carer-led and have a strong track record from 1992
  • We work in partnership with Carers and other organisations supporting Carers
  • 92% of Carers said our Support line was very helpful or helpful
  • You can be reassured by our Fundraising Promise

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