Important Information for Carers

Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) are required by National Government to conduct an annual postal survey of Carers. This survey asks questions about quality of life and quality of Carers services and support they receive from organisations such as Northamptonshire Carers, who are commissioned by NCC to provide these.

You as a Care, who has been in touch with Northamptonshire Carers, Nene Valley Community Action, Alzheimer’s Society and Carers Trust East Midlands (CTEM) MAY receive one of these questionnaires from mid October onwards from NCC to complete and add your comments.

Although NCC do not directly support Carers, they do fund organisations such as Northamptonshire Carers, NVCA, Alzheimer’s Society and CTEM and not about services that are directly provided by the Council or for the person you care for.

We are asking for your help and support in filling out this important questionnaire. Feedback received from Carers within Northamptonshire will help to plan services for the future, enabling organisations such as ours to continue to support you in the future.

NCC funded services and delivered by others include:

Carers Assessments, Carers Choir, Gym memberships, holistic therapies, Needs & Aspirations, Emergency Breaks planned breaks, Carers Cafes, Carers Support Groups, Direct Payments and much more…..


We aim to offer a comprehensive support service to the unpaid Carers of Northamptonshire

We recognise their contribution to society and will endeavour to empower Carers in improving their quality of life. Our organisation is Carer-led and our developments will be a response to Carers’ needs If you are a Carer and would like information and advice to help you in your caring role you can refer yourself to us by completing the on-line enquiry form link on this page.

Northamptonshire Carers will endeavor to communicate with Carers contacting our service in an accessible format suitable to their individual needs.


If you provide regular, unpaid help for a relative or friend who has any of the following:

  • A Mental Health Need
  • A Physical Disability
  • Misuse of Alcohol/Drugs
  • A Sensory Impairment
  • Or is Elderly/Frail

You may be a parent, wife, husband, partner, daughter, son, friend or neighbour - but you are also a Carer. Or, you may know someone who is. Young people and children may also be carers and are known as
Young Carers You may be providing all or some of the following:

  • Personal care for a child or adult
  • Health care
  • Support with mobility
  • Domestic tasks
  • Rehabilitation
  • Supporting emotional needs of the person you look after

Carers come from all walks of life and all communities in Northamptonshire.
As a Carer you may benefit from:

  • Having occasional breaks from caring
  • Contact with Carers organisations and other Carers
  • Knowing where to get help
  • Considering your own health and well being
  • Making sure you are receiving all benefits you are entitled to
  • Having someone to help you speak up for yourself