Our carers Choir have a new song 'Keep Caring' - record a video of your self singing along and share it with the world (well Northamptonshire at least!).

To raise the profile of Carers and the great work they do supporting the community - especially during the coronavirus pandemic - we're wanting to raise the roof and have as many people sing your song as possible.

To do so simply:

  1. Listen to the demo here to get familiar with the song (don't worry, we don't expect you to hold a note like our Choir Master!)
  2. Take a look at the lyrics below. A PDF can also be downloaded here. For those who can read music (certainly not mandatory!), you can also download sheet music here.
  3. Record a video of yourself singing the song - it may be easier to play the backing track through one device's headphones and record on another.
  4. Send us your video - you can either email us at [email protected] or Facebook/Facebook Messenger 
  5. Most importantly - have fun. We don't care about quality or pitch perfect singing. There are 70,000 carers in Northamptonshire and we want to raise the roof with as many people singing for carers as possible.

Keep Caring

Lyrics by Joy Sykes - Music by Matthew White

We're in our Covid lockdown
And we just want to say
How much your phone calls mean to us
To help us through the day

You help us to stay positive
And to know that you are there
A cheery voice to guide us through
As we go on with our care

We'll beat Coronavirus
Together, you and I
And day by day grow stronger
Keeping positive and on a high
Our caring must continue
And with your help we know
We will have the strength to keep on going
And our love and care will grow