Carers Care Service

The Carers Care Service is a social enterprise that has been created under the purpose of supporting working Carers.
Nationwide projects are underway, funded by the Dept. of Health, Government Equalities Office and the Dept. for Work and Pensions to explore all manner of strategies to support working Carers, from direct contact to promoting flexible work environments.
The Carers Care Service is a collaboration between Northamptonshire Carers and Carers Trust East Midlands to provide regulated home and community support to Carers and their cared for across Northamptonshire.
The service is looking for referrals form Carers who are interested in using the service to support them in their caring role. Charges do apply, however, as a social enterprise, any profits will be reinvested back into the charities and the local community.
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Aims to the service include:

  • To support Carers and their cared for, via the provision of all manner of personal and community support
  • Enable current and or past Carers to explore their existing skills knowledge as a Carer in a professional capacity
  • Provide a tailored support service
  • To work in Partnerships
  • To offer a flexible work structure
  • Support to obtain certified skills

If you are interested in knowing more about how the service works, please call us on 03301 192 666 (number charged at local rate). A leaflet can also be downloaded here.

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