We are looking to set up a series of courses that provide practical learning and advice to Carers. The topics are largely down to you and we are consulting Carers on what will benefit them – examples could include first aid, completing forms or medicine management. However this will be led by what is wanted.

We believe that services and support we receive should be shaped by those who have direct experience of being a Carer. Therefore, we are not just wanting to deliver training to Carers, we want to co-produce and deliver courses using both Carers and relevant professionals. For example if the above medicine management course were to be chosen, we would aim to produce and deliver the course material jointly with a pharmacist and Carers.

This is in-line with the 4PIs of the National Involvement Standards: Principles, purpose, presence, process and impact.

To help us understand what is wanted, we would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes and complete our survey.

Alternatively a large print Word version can be downloaded here.