Can you spare a little time to discuss your experiences of Northamptonshire Carers and the difference we make? There is an opportunity to contribute to a national study aiming to capture the value of Northamptonshire Carers and other carers centres. Participants will receive a £15 voucher for an interview.

Civil Society Consulting are looking to interview young, adult and older carers: 

  • Young = under 18 with parental consent (or 18-24 and still in education/training)
  • Adult = 24-65 (including 18-24 no longer in education or training)
  • Older = 65+


You may have heard of Carers Trust - it is the national organisation that Northamptonshire Carers is a member of. Civil Society Consulting (CSC) have been commissioned by Carers Trust to create a model that captures the social value of carers centres. The CSC team will create an ‘SROI’ calculator into which every Carers Trust Network Partner will be able to input some basic data (e.g. no. of young carers) and the calculator will generate a SROI ratio (e.g. for every pound spent, X amount of social value is produced). 

This ratio will help your carers centre demonstrate its impact and value to commissioners, funders, and policymakers. Carers Trust will also gather the ratios from across the country to establish a collective UK-wide SROI ratio. 

Northamptonshire Carers is participating in this study - the CSC team will be speaking to 3-9 carers from Northamptonshire Carers.


Would you like to participate?

Participating in the study will entail a short ‘interview', either individually (~20 minutes) or in a group of up to 4 carers (~30 minutes), followed by a 15-minute survey. Upon completion of the survey, you’ll be signed up to receive a £15 voucher. Please note, the interview will be an informal chat about your journey, not a structured Q&A.


What the interviews be about?

Each interview will be around 20 - 30 minutes. The CSC team will ask you which services/support you’ve received from Northamptonshire Carers, and what outcomes have you experienced.

You can have this chat on Zoom or on the phone, whichever you’d prefer. The team will not be making recordings of the conversations; instead they will be taking written notes during the conversation. 


What will be asked in the survey?

The 15-minute survey will be multiple choice, asking whether you’ve experienced certain outcomes, and what the knock-on effects of those outcomes are. Your data will be analysed anonymously, and will not be traced back to you, and there will be a separate section for you to input your contact details to receive the voucher. 


How will my information be used? 

Any data collected will be anonymised, with all identifying information removed. 

After the discussions, the team will review the notes to draw out any outcomes that are mentioned, as well as their knock-on effects. This will be summarised in an ‘outcomes map’ and will be used to inform the design of the calculator (i.e. the outcomes will be ‘valued’ to give the SROI ratio). The calculator and accompanying report will be made available to all Carers Trust network partners.  

The team is also looking to collect some case studies through the interviews, but they will only be written up with your knowledge and consent. 

Carers Trust will be coordinating the dissemination of the vouchers. Your data will not be stored and once your voucher has been sent out to you, your email address will be deleted.


What are the benefits of taking part?

Participants will receive a £15 voucher for participation. It will also hopefully be an enjoyable opportunity for you to reflect on your journey and meet other carers (if you opt for a group interview)

For more information or to take part, please contact Yasmin Jiang at [email protected] 

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