We're working with Carers Trust and Cadent Trust to promote support for carers managing utilities. This is always crucial when providing care for a potentially vulnerable loved-one but is even more so with increasing energy prices.

Priority Services Register

The Priority Services Register (PSR) helps gas and electricity companies support customers who have additional communication, access or safety needs. It’s free and easy to join and gives extra help to those who need it.

Depending on your circumstances, being on the PSR gives you access to a variety of free services, including:
• Alternative facilities for cooking and heating in a gas emergency.
• Bills and information from your energy suppliers in different formats i.e. large print.
• A ‘Knock & Wait’ service, making home visits more convenient and easier, allowing you extra time to get to the door.

The PSR is available to join if you or someone you care for in your household have:
• A chronic or serious illness.
• Are dependent on medical equipment including oxygen.
• Have poor mobility, sight, hearing, smell or speech difficulties.
• Are not able to communicate in English.
• Would benefit from extra support in the event of an interruption in their energy supply as they have young families with children under five or are of pensionable age.

It’s really easy to join and is FREE of charge. Simply complete Cadent's online form at cadentgas.com/PSR

  • Alternatively Cadent can be called on 0800 389 8000 or email [email protected] 
  • If you are a dual fuel customer, meaning that one company provides both your electricity and gas, you only need to register once. If you have two separate suppliers for your electricity and gas, it is recommended that you register with both suppliers.
  • If you need someone to register on your behalf, we advise they contact your supplier and explain your situation, your supplier will want to speak to you to gain verbal consent unless there is a relevant Power of Attorney in place.
  • Most of Northamptonshire sits within the Cadent Gas Network but if you sit outside, you can contact your energy supplier(s) either on the phone or visit their website to register online. You can also register directly with your electricity network operator and you can find out who this is by going to FindMyGDN.co.uk and input your postcode.

Further Information

Cadent have provided a useful leaflet which includes information on:

  • Priority Services Register
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Locking Cooker Valves
  • Money & energy saving tips

You can download the leaflet here

Hard copies are available on request