On 8th June 2022 a Learning Lunch was held as part of Carers Week 2022 an event was held at Earls Barton Tennis and Bowls Club.  The theme of Carers Week was Make Caring, Visible, Valued and Supported.

Attendees of the event included professionals within the community  who during their day may encounter those who have a Caring Role.  The event was to particularly raise the awareness of Carers from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities and also those who have a Global Ethnic Majority (GEM) heritage.    Importance was raised about understanding how to identify the needs of GRT and GEM Carers and the steps Northamptonshire Carers are making to become a more inclusive organisation not only for Carers using the service as well as staff and those considering employment with the charity.  This included our commitment to The Big Promise and My Name is the phonetic spelling of people’s names.

76% of attendees  “I would be interested to attend future events”

80% of attendees said the event “Has this helped you think about Northamptonshire Carers when working with the people you are supporting?”

72% of attendees  “I am now aware of the different Carers Support Groups available at Northamptonshire Carers”


Here is the feedback from the attendees:

What have you learned today? What is the main thing you will take away?

More Support Groups than I realised

A great, informative and fun, relaxed event, Thankyou!

As someone that is new to their role, it was really helpful to find out about all the services offered

New services that Northamptonshire Carers offer that I did not know about before - Lunchclubs, GP

The range of services on offer quite impressive!

The vast amount of available support + GEM

Lots - was fab!

Can't believe the variety of support and services provided. Very informative, Thank you

Able to signpost, better understanding, presentation good, very informative, enjoyed the afternoon, changes to the BAME - now GEM

All the different things Northamptonshire Carers do

I experienced your enthusiasm and passion. Well Done!

Thank you for a great event. Much to think about and a great help to me in my research

Very informative session