Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust and Northamptonshire Carers Working Together To Support Working Carers


Both NHFT and our system partners recognise the wellbeing of working carers as a high priority. Our Working Carers staff network has worked closely with Northamptonshire Carers to ensure that valuable skills are not lost by supporting carers to stay in work and prioritise their wellbeing. This system approach has included innovations such as a Working Carers passport, as well as the creation of a standards framework that employers can be accredited against. Working Carers have been distinctly addressed in the county’s Workplace Wellbeing Standards, which goes further than many other health and care systems in the country and is a clear demonstration of the system’s commitment to this valuable group.

This entry showed definite system engagement with real ambition to grow the support model. The judges were impressed by the thought given to intersectionality between staff networks and the exemplary support for those leading the networks. The example in hard times of carers still getting a carers assessment was excellent. There was a clear sense of no-one being left behind.

Judges comments