Falls from standing height of people over 65 are fast becoming one of the biggest causes of major trauma admissions to hospital. Of course, not all falls result in injury and anyone of any age can have a fall.

The risk of falling and the severity of resultant injury do though increase with age so reducing risk is vital not only to those who may fall but also their Carers. Northamptonshire Carers are working with others including Northamptonshire County Council and Kettering & Northampton General Hospitals to roll out advice and training to Carers and those of greater risk of falling.

More information, advice and training opportunities can be found here.

We are looking to help put on training sessions so watch this space for details when we have them. If falls are a concern to you then they can also be discussed as part of a Carers Assessment and made part of an individualised Support Plan. Please do not hesitate in contacting us for more information.

Facing up to Falls.

A video from RoSPA who also provide useful information on the subject.