Northamptonshire County Council currently have a number of consultations out for responses by the residents within the County.  It is of utmost importance that as many Carers and Customers as possible respond to these Consultations due the detrimental effect they they may have on the life of Carers and those they care for. 


Northamptonshire have stated in their "Equality Impact Assessment" that any change to fees relating to Adult Social Service Users will disproportionately effect people with disability and health conditions which require them to seek support from Northamptonshire Adult Social Services. 


You can see from the statement above that  Northamptonshire County Council are already aware of the disproportionate impact this will have on Carers and Customers, so please respond to these consultations and let you voice be heard.


You can use the links below to access these Consultations:


We are posting this on behalf of Carers Voice who are encouraging carers to participate in this consultation. Please click here for more details on how they help represent carers across the county. Carers Voice sit on the Carers Partnership board along with us and other partners. The potential impact on carers and the people they care for are of concern to us all and we will strive to make the voices of carers as loud as possible.