Northamptonshire Carers are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Recovery College to roll out an e-learning programme for carers! To celebrate Carers Week this year we launched the new e-learning programme, accessible to all Recovery College students and Northamptonshire Carers staff, carers and service users.


Aimed at unpaid informal carers including parent carers, working carers and other interested students, ‘Caring and Me’ is an introduction to caring, how to look after your own wellbeing and about your rights as a carer. This will be the first of three modules that will become available in the next academic year specifically designed for carers, and easily accessible online in your own time and around your already busy schedule.

We all need to recognise and value those in caring roles. Carers need mental health and wellbeing support especially post Coronavirus due to the isolation which has increased the amount of people struggling with anxiety and depression. The current climate of the world is uncertain, lockdowns have come and gone and more than ever carers need extra support where possible.


To sign up contact [email protected] to receive an enrolment form or enrol online at


Course Description: Caring and Me (30-60 minutes)

This e-learning session aims to give Carers multiple skills to help support themselves as Carers, which in turn enables them to support the ones they care for.

This course gives carers a safe space to share through lived experiences, personal stories, and peer to peer support.

Carers will have easy access to physical and mental support along with resources to help to continue with daily needs.

Students will learn to understand and acknowledge the life of being a Carer.

Carers will be empowered to voice challenges, respond and make positive changes and improve wellbeing.

We hope carers will feel more valued every day for their bravery and resilience. 

Among the resources will be a downloadable gratitude journal to help carers appreciate the ‘every day’ and boost their wellbeing. Course participants will also be offered opportunities for additional courses, events and peer support.


Other courses to be developed. Watch this space.

For further information contact Nicola or Cathie at Northamptonshire Carers on 01933 677907 or email [email protected]