East Midlands CAMHS Provider Collaborative New Care Model

To Put Children & Young People at the Centre of What We Do

What is it?

The NHS is looking to improve care services, by reducing the focus on inpatient admissions in favour of having a greater focus on care in the community. The Provider Collaborative is hoping to achieve this through the following aims:

  • Improve community care provision through developing crisis cafes
  • Enhance the admission process and reducing wait times through creation of a single point of referral access
  • Using the single access point to ensure care will be provided closer to home

What are we doing?

We are a team of researchers who have been asked to evaluate the new system, understand what is working and what isn’t working. More importantly we want to hear your perspective, and understand how the system can be improved! So here is your opportunity to take part and give feedback on the services offered to your young person!

How to take part

Across September, October and November we will be collecting feedback! You can take a part in survey or alternatively if you prefer to be interviewed, use the contact info below to get in touch for more information on the evaluation and how to take part!

Kristina Brenisin: [email protected]

Sarrah Fatima: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you