Mindfulness Meditation may seem very alternative or weird to some however many find that it is beneficial and grounded in common sense.

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment.

Jon Kabat-Zim

It involves learning how to meditate and breathing exercises. For newcomers the term 'meditate' can be off-putting however it can involve just a few minutes of time to yourself. This in itself can be very relaxing and learning these techniques can help if you are in a stressful caring situation.

Please find below several meditation exercises that you may wish to try. Thank you to the Free Mindfulness Project by allowing us to share these resources. All of the guided meditation exercises below are protected by a creative commons licence, meaning they are free to download and distribute non-commercially. There are many others to be found on their website and a simple internet search will find many more resources on the topic, some of which will not be free.







If you are having difficulty listening to these tracks on a mobile device, you may find it easier to go direct to the Free Mindfulness Project website where many more tracks can be found.

If you are unsure about what services will work for you, we can arrange a Carers Assessment and Support Plan which will look at your individual situation and focus on your wellbeing.

There are other services who can also help with your wellbeing they may also be able to help those around you and the people you care for even if they are not carers themselves. First for Wellbeing provide many wellbeing services in Northamptonshire; they range from improving your health to reducing social isolation.  There are other services provided by the NHS which can include Talking Therapies and even access to high-level mental health support these should be accessed by talking to your GP in the first instance